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Steve Campbell campbell at
Wed Mar 8 13:56:43 GMT 2006

I work at a newspaper, and it seem that many vaild contributors have and use 
yahoo accounts. After checking the logs, I find that about 99.9999999% 
emails sent from yahoo accounts are truly spam, but there is that small 
percentage that needs to get through. (Of course, these are always sent and 
blocked on deadline, so they say)

My problem is that all of these yahoo mailings seem to be hit by the same 
common rules like FORGED_YAHOO_RCVD and NO_REAL_NAME
and the like even though these are valid yahoo accounts. I realize that 
yahoo must be doing some non-standard manipulations, but how do others deal 
with this other than whitelisting accounts as I get called?

My MS is a little bit old, but do the newer versions deal with this or is 
this something that will just have to be? I certainly don't want to 
whitelist the entire domain!


Steve Campbell
campbell at
Charleston Newspapers

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