VMware Virtual Appliance Challenge: Create a MailScanner-based email gateway

Tristan Rhodes tristan at witenko.com
Mon Mar 6 05:23:59 GMT 2006

"VMware invites you to put your skills to the test, go head-to-head with your peers, and develop the 
best virtual appliance the industry has ever seen. Using open source or freely distributable 
components and/or your own code, create the most inventive and useful virtual appliance and win the 
$100,000 first prize!" (http://www.vmware.com/vmtn/appliances/challenge/)

This would be a great opportunity for a team of MailScanner users/developers to create an email 
gateway appliance based on MailScanner.  The idea is to create a pre-configured Linux distribution 
that includes all the pieces of a filtering email gateway appliance.  This might include a SMTP 
server, MailScanner, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, MailWatch, etc.  The appliance would be most successful 
if every aspect of it could be managed from a web-interface.  This includes configuring the MTA, 
MailScanner, installing security updates, starting/stopping the services, adding/removing users, and 
perhaps more.

I hope some of you find this interesting and create a team to enter the competition.

Tristan Rhodes

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