Carriage returns removed from text files

Jon Bates jon.bates at
Sun Mar 5 23:02:40 GMT 2006

Thanks very much for your reply Glenn. You were right. I turned off the
inline signature feature and this has fixed the problem. 

Now to see if there is a newer fixed version of the Perl module that is
causing the problem!

I'll post again if I find a resolution.

Thanks again Glenn.

> Hi Jon,

> IIRC this is due to a not-that-easy-to-get-at bug in a supporting perl
module, and affects all messages that MailScanner rewrites in some way (like
your > spiffy "company disclaimer" below). So a simple thing to test is to
make a ruleset exception to adding that ... Might make a difference). At
least that > is what my feeble memory is telling me, I might be completely
wrong too...:-)
> Cheers

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> -- Glenn

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