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Scott Silva wrote:
>> Crucial lists a 1 gig module for that system, but it is pricey ($414 US)
>> I suppose you could fit 2 of them, as I can't remember how many slots the 550
>> has. But you have invested close to a grand in an older system, that you could
>> invest into a new 1u system that will run rings around the RAQ.
I would go for a shared server (or even a dedicated one) from Blacknight 
Solutions. It will have plenty of power and would be a much better way 
of investing money than trying to upgrade an old and under-powered raq. 
Raqs have had their day now, I wouldn't advise pouring any money into 
them. Give Blacknight a shout and talk to them about getting a server 
from them.

I use Blacknight for all sorts of things now, and they have proved 
themselves to be very good and very reliable. The tech support is 
excellent and the prices are good too. They host this mailing list, 
mailscanner.biz, emailscanner.info (a mirror site for mailscanner.info 
if I hit problems in Southampton) and jules.fm. They also host a load of 
other domains for me (39 last count I think) and I have never had a 
single problem with them. Highly recommended!

Julian Field
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