OT: (\x01)BOUNDARY_OUTLOOK Messages?

Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sat Mar 4 16:32:34 GMT 2006

James Gray wrote:
> On Sat, 4 Mar 2006 00:56, Joshua Hirsh wrote:
>>  I've been seeing quite a few messages come through lately that only
>> contain the word BOUNDARY_OUTLOOK, with a single character at the start
>> of the word (\x01) (file picks it up as MIPSEL-BE MIPS-III ECOFF
>> executable not stripped, so they're blocked).
>>  Is this scrap from some type of broken virus?
>>  Google doesn't really offer up anything on this..
>> -Joshua
> Ditto here.  Got a couple of them about a week ago, and a few more the other 
> day.  I've compared the binary between a few of the messages and it's been 
> different each time.  I also fired a (zipped) copy off to a friend who is a 
> bit of a hardware hacker and couldn't find anything that even vaugley 
> resembled assembly etc for any CPU's he's played with (which is many - 
> embedded stuff up to Intel/Sparc/Motorola/AMD/etc).
> In short - they seem harmless.  Usual disclaimers apply though.
I have seen this once myself too. I added a "COFF executable" "allow" 
rule to filetype.rules.conf. Would people like me to add that to the 
distribution? Real COFF executables are pretty harmless as far as I 
know, but I'm sure someone will correct me. Does anyone use COFF any 
more? Most systems now use ELF instead.

Julian Field
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