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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us
Fri Mar 3 18:47:18 GMT 2006

Julian Field wrote:

> This may be caused by sendmail changing its username when it tries to
> deliver mail, but I've never seen this before. MailScanner doesn't
> change its username when running sendmail at all, so I don't see how
> this is connected.

I don't either, that's why I asked.  Seems really strange to me.  

> As for the /var/log/mail extract, this is perfectly normal. Sendmail
> queues 1 incoming message into /var/spool/mqueue.in, which
> MailScanner is then picking up as a new batch (a batch of 1 message
> because there was only 1 message ready for processing when
> MailScanner looked at the queue). You would expect to see this for
> every new message that comes into your system.

Right, I understand that I get those messages for each message.  What I
was trying to say is when I was tailing them with the -f option (two
windows open), the entry in message always occurred between the two
entries in mail.  Don't know why the timing is off - but watching it on
the screen, IIFC I'd see the first entry in mail, then the entry in
message hot on it's heels, followed by the 2nd entry in mail.  The main
point was that it occurs when mail arrives so it has something to do
w/MailScanner or sendmail.  MailScanner was updated, but sendmail didn't
change so the likely culprit (it seems to me) was MailScanner.

It doesn't seem to be causing problems - just makes logrotate work a
little harder I suppose.  Maybe it's a SuSEism?  I'll be updating
several servers in the near future, with clean installs (OS on up) so
I'll see what happens on them.

Thanks for the reply Julian...

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