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Richard Thomas richard.thomas at
Fri Mar 3 15:14:47 GMT 2006

Julian Field wrote:

>The default settings I provide are just what I consider to be a  
>pretty good set that should be mostly okay, for most people, most of  
>the time. Obviously if they aren't right for you, then just change  
>them, that's why it is all configurable :-)
>When I first wrote the filename.rules.conf file, I put in the double  
>file extension trap as an example of what could do done, beyond just  
>matching simple extension names. I didn't realise how important it  
>became for most sites.
I know it saved us big time not so long ago. We occasionally get people 
asking us to remove this rule but we have fairly solid reasons not to. 
The virus scan is great but the scanners will often be behind the 
viruses by enough that a lot of damage can be done.


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