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Christian Jarnæs christian at jarnas.no
Fri Mar 3 14:54:07 GMT 2006


I am using Centos 4.2, MailScanner 4.50.14 and Sendmail 8.13.1

I have relay.mydomain.com that is my MailScanner box and where the MX for mydomain.com points towards.
exchange.mydomain.com is where a want to relay all other emails
outside.mydomain.com is an external mail server and receives MX outside.mydomain.com

I wish that some email accounts for instance hans at mydomain.com is forwarded to hans at outside.mydomain.com,
per at mydomain.com is forwarded to per at outside.mydomain.com, etc

All other email that is not defined i wish to relay to my exchange.mydomain.com box

Sendmail setup as of now:
mydomain.com    RELAY

mydomain.com                  esmtp:[exchange.mydomain.com]

So the thinkable solution for me would be if it worked
add mydomain.com to local-host-names

in virtualusertable
hans at mydomain.com    hans at outside.mydomain.com
per at mydomain.com    per at outside.mydomain.com

@pbl.no                  esmtp:[exchange.mydomain.com]

So is there something in Sendmail or MailScanner that can do this?
I know I can RELAY all email to the exchange box and then forward to per at outside.mydomain.com , but that is my last resort.

Best Regards
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