Help - user error caused mailscanner to stop working

Bjørn-Sverre Nøttum bsnottum at
Fri Mar 3 13:12:08 GMT 2006


I have a mailserver running squirrelmail. I use mailscanner on a seperate 
machine as mailgateway and all the other stuff mailscanner so wonderfully 

A collegue of mine - it is true, it was not me!! - really messed things up 
today. He made changes into the sendmail configuration file - I do not think 
it was in either of the two that mailscanner creates - and restarted 
sendmail itself, not via mailscanner! Stupid ass!! Excuse my language.

No no mail passes thruough the mailgateway. I have tried to stop the 
instance of sendmail that he started and then restarted mailscanner - but it 
does not help.

I am running mailscanner Version 1.1-4 BETA on an fc2 server with sendmail 
on the mailgateway. Anyone that can help me on this??



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