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We have a quarantine retrieval system here which puts quarantined 
attachments on a website. It isn't quite what you want, but might help.

How would you move the attachments to a website? It is quite possible to 
process the message to remove attachments bigger than a certain size and 
copy them somewhere, but you have the whole security problem to be aware 
of. Just generate a random URL? When would you delete the file? It's got 
to hang around for quite a while. You would replace the attachment with 
a text attachment containing the URL for the file.

It sounds an interesting project to write, and I am quite willing to 
help. Things are pretty quiet right now (he says, cursing himself into a 
month like January!).

If you can expand the spec, that would help.
We could have a directory and ownership and permissions supplied, and a 
random directory name containing the files attached to a particular 
message that are over a certain size.
So supply:
Directory name

I then create a random directory name (based on the message queue id for 
simplicity) and move the attachments into there. I then replace the 
attachments one at a time with text/plain or text/html attachments 
directing the user to click on a link to download the attachment, whose 
filename will be the sanitised original attachment name.

How does that sound?
A nice little project that would be particularly useful to users with 
slow connections who are using POP and have a tight mail quota. It 
effectively moves their mail quota into web server space, but that's not 
my problem :-)

Tom Combs wrote:
> Hi,  This is off topic but given the experience of this group, I thought
> I'd ask...
> I'd like to be able to scrub large attachments from email, converting
> them to
> html and making them accessible via a provided URL.  Does anyone have
> any experience with this?  If so, how do you do it?
> Thanks,   Tom Combs

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