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> I gave up on this rule in my mailscanner, because i have clients
> sending emails that contain like which are legit
> files, since we do about 80 000 emails a day across 3 scanning
> servers, it's annoying to backtrack and release legit files that get
> caught  by this rule, so i eventually removed the rule and just put
> some trust in the virus scanning.
> Infact i edited a whole bunch of stuff in the filename.rules.conf and
> filetype.rules.conf because some of the defaults are just not suitable
> in the shared hosting enviroment.

I too had a bunch of venders that sent various files with double+ dots so
added an accept rule ahead of the deny rules like:

accept	\.(xls|pdf|doc|zip)$

So those would get through so long as they *ended* with an acceptable


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