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Wed Mar 1 18:29:31 GMT 2006

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Scott Silva wrote:
> Rob spake the following on 3/1/2006 7:02 AM:
>> Hashanaha, thanks for the reply, i guess i should upgrade as i am few
>> versions back.... It's just 99.9% of the time Mailscanner works flawlessly!
>> :)
>> its only once in a while something weird happens like this....
>> I am wondering how i should update.upgrade, i installed with apt-get,
>> but no newer version are released yet, well as per my sources list which
>> is below....
>> dpkg reports my version as............ ii  mailscanner
>> 4.41.3-2              email virus scanner and spam tagger
>> My sources list
>> deb stable main
>> deb-src stable main
>> deb stable/updates main
> Even Debian unstable is only at 4.46.2-3. If that is current enough, you can
> get it from
> If you want the newest, you will have to "use the source".
Can anyone come up with some good uses for "" 
and/or ""?

I registered them a little while ago.

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