Users of RBL's

Chris Hammond chris at
Fri Jun 30 18:07:40 IST 2006

My nightly expire keeps bayes_toks at about 10MB.  I am assuming that is
a relatively normal number.

>>> Mark Presling <mark at> 06/29/06 6:58 AM >>> 
Hi Chris,

Have you checked the size of your bayes database files? I used to have a 
1GB machine that SpamAssassin would regularly time out on because the 
bayes DB would get too big from the auto learning. I had to tune it so 
that the DB file would stay below 5MB or it just timed out scanning 
larger messages. It also used up 100% of the CPU most of the time. I 
used to manually expire old tokens from it as well, but that was before 
MS started doing that automatically for me. Even on my newer server (2G 
Pentium 4) I still restrict the size of the the bayes DB with 
"bayes_expiry_max_db_size 400000". This seems to keep the DB at around 10MB.


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