O.T. milter-link - reject phishing & spam

Stephen Swaney steve.swaney at fsl.com
Wed Jun 28 20:59:17 IST 2006

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> Anyone using or tried snertsoft's milter-link ?
> It checks message bodies against surbl or other similar list.
> Seems to work nicely and takes a bit of load off MailScanner/S.A.
> Thoughts?
> It supports whitelisting, so it's important to whitelist things like
> abuse@, postmaster@, and support@, if you do that sort of thing.
> Thanks,
> Ken A.
> Pacific.Net

We've been testing and it seems to work well, just like all of Anthony's
milters. You are right about reducing load, since the message is never
accepted and is not run through MailScanner or SpamAssassin. 

Since you are deleteing the message based on spammy URLS you need to be
careful which lists you are telling milter-limit to check against. Anyone
considering it should check out the docs at:


And this one is free :)


Stephen Swaney
Fort Systems Ltd.
stephen.swaney at fsl.com

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