SA - Disabling network tests after failures

Nick Smith nick.smith67 at
Mon Jun 26 23:29:07 IST 2006


After a few SpamAssassin timeouts, MS is supposed to cause SA to be
called without RBL tests (and implicitly all other network-based

It does this (in by setting SA's local_tests_only option to 1 thus:

$MailScanner::SA::SAspamtest->{conf}->{local_tests_only} = 1;

Question - is this right? As far as I can tell, the Mail::Spamassassin
object doesn't have a structure named "conf", and local_tests_only is
defined as a top level option:

$MailScanner::SA::SAspamtest->{local_tests_only} = 1;

Further question on a related subject after reading about SpamAssassin
bug #4165:

If I understand this correctly, "network tests disabled" state can
only truly be achieved by setting the local_tests_only option referred
to above. It is not enough to disable all network tests one by one and
expect SA to figure it out

In practical terms, this means that score sets 2 and 0 (network tests
disabled, with and without bayes respectively) are unavailable in a
MailScanner environment, and that SA will always therefore use score
set 3 or 1 depending upon whether bayes is in use and available or not

The local_tests_only option isn't something which can be set in an SA
configuration file, it is expected that the calling entity uses the
API to set the option if required

Can I request a new MailScanner configuration option "SpamAssassin
Network Tests" set to yes/no (default yes). In an environment with no
access to the likes of Razor/DCC/Pyzor and with no external DNS, you
would set this option to "no" - causing SA to be called with the
local_tests_only option, thereby giving access to the "no network"
score sets 0 and 2



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