Users of RBL's

Chris Hammond chris at
Mon Jun 26 22:19:55 IST 2006

>>> Matt Kettler <mkettler at> 06/26/06 5:12 PM >>> 
>>Chris Hammond wrote:

>> Understood.  What DNS server in most recommended?

>Well, your choices are bind, djbdns, and microsoft.

>I'm assuming you're using a unix box, so Microsoft is out. I'd also not call DNS
>Microsoft's strong suit even if you have it arround. (heck, given the state of
>NDIS 2- 5, I wouldn't call anything network- oriented their strong suite).

>Since djbdns splits resolving and authoritative servers into two separate tools
>it might be a bit lighter weight than bind if you're running cache/forward only.

>However, as long as you're not splitting hairs on the edge of system collapse
>due to overload either should work fine.

Ok, I am going to move to a later version of bind than what comes with CentOS
4 which is 9.2.4 and will see if the newer version performs better.  I have read
alot of people complaining about binds speed.


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