Error loading some perl modules on spamassassin

Rafael Vallejo rvallejo at
Sat Jun 24 00:29:19 IST 2006

Julian and Logan,

Thanks for the respnse unfortunatelly I can not just simply use CPAN or 
any script like yours Julian because I'm embeeding this on a system that 
does not have a shell prompt son on the target system I can not install 
things this way,m on a normal Linux system I successfully installed 
spamassassin, nut I have to copy to this device spamassassin file by 
file manually, so something is missing there and need to identify it.

Julian you made an installation program, so I guess you know how to make 
it low level what does it need to register copy or what ever those 
moules so it knows they exists.

Hope to hear from you soon


Julian Field escribió:

> If you install SpamAssassin from my easy-to-install ClamAV+SA package  
> available from (the downloads page) then it will  
> take care of installing all the required modules for you, as well as  
> lots of setup tweaks you need to do to make it all work properly.
> On Fri23 Jun 06, at 17:32, Rafael Vallejo wrote:
>> Hello list.
>> I have a problem with spamassassin and is that some perl modules I  
>> got messages like this
>> [20075] dbg: diag: module not installed: LWP::UserAgent ('require'  
>> failed)
>> UserAgent is a module among others I want to use, I installed by  
>> hand spamassasin and have no other choice, LWP and all the modules  
>> it need is there in where it is supposed to be /usr/lib/perl5/ 
>> vendor_perl/5.8.1/LWP, but spamassasin does not locate it my guess  
>> is that perl or spamassassin does not get the path for LWP for some  
>> reason.
>> Is there any file in where Perl and/or spamassasin look to know  
>> where modules are loaded?
>> Regards
>> -- 
>> Rafael
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