Strip outgoing digital certs, vcf, etc?

Ed Wallig ewallig at
Thu Jun 22 18:17:21 IST 2006


Version 4.54.6 on CentOS 4.3 using Postfix 2.1.5 - is there any way to strip
outgoing mail of things like digital signatures/certificates, vcf cards,
etc? We use an internal CA for email signing which is intended only to
verify message validity for internal or webmail clients for the local
domain. Sending a signed message is (currently) unnecessary to remote
domains and it recently has caused some problems for a couple of our
vendors; they don't recognize the signature as valid. We're not looking to
purchase a "trusted" certificate for email signing at this time and it will
likely be too big of a hassle to get the vendors to trust our CA cert.

I don't want to strip regular attachments (or even encrypted attachments for
the most part) and I do not want to strip these items from incoming
messages. Any thoughts?


Ed Wallig

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