MailScanner Install Script

Chris Hammond chris at
Thu Jun 22 17:43:31 IST 2006

I setup a subversion repository using a VMware VM called Vastbox on my
home machine and have been working with a fellow MailScanner user and
many changes have been made to the script.  Brad is doing a full install run
on the script that he has and if all goes well, another major commit will
happen today hopefully and I will put it online.  If anyone else has made
changes to the script, please let me know as I would like to add these changes
if possible.  Since it is GLP you don't necessarily have to but it would be

Since the repo is in a VM on my main machine, I don't want to put out the IP
yet until I am comfortable that can not be taken advantage of but those that
have changed they would like to add to the script, I will give access to the


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