Checking Suspected E-Mails

Logan Shaw lshaw at
Tue Jun 20 19:56:05 IST 2006

On Tue, 20 Jun 2006, Julian Field wrote:
> It never occurred to me at the time that people would actually use these 
> rules, particularly not the first one. Amazingly, as I should have predicted, 
> no-one would bother editing the rules I supply by default, and so it would be 
> used on everyone's system.

Having worn both hats (developer and administrator) at different
times, the sysadmin side of me has this piece of advice for
developers:  99% of what's obvious to you is not obvious to the
person trying to use your software.

In this case, the way that would apply is that it's obvious
to you that there is a file named filename.rules.conf that
contains some configuration directives which aren't in a final
form that someone would want to apply to their environment.
But to someone who hasn't used the software before, all they
see is that every package they have comes with a bunch of
configuration files that almost never need to be changed in a
typical environment and a few other configuration files that
probably will need to be changed.  So, they don't know that
filename.rules.conf is a place where they should focus some
of their efforts.  At least, not until they find that out
through experience.

   - Logan

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