Checking Suspected E-Mails

Mon Jun 19 17:39:04 IST 2006

Thanks for the advise. I'm requesting the resumes be sent in text format.



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It's not the html that's a problem there, it's the filename.  I can't think of a
legitimate reason that anyone would name their resume with a CLSID string in the
filename, at least not any reason that doesn't assume some specialized,
prearranged setup on the receiving end.  In any case, the problem it described
in more detail here:

I've found that it's best to request that resumes be sent in plain ASCII text
format.  It helps me learn whether candidates can A. Follow directions.  (Many
can't.  I still end up getting at least a quarter, and sometimes more than half
of all resumes sent to me in Word, Word Perfect, HTML - you name it - formats.)
B.  Create a compelling resume without resorting to pretty tricks.


Kaplan, Andrew H. wrote: 

The report that I am seeing is the following:


MailScanner: Files containing  CLSID's are trying to hide their real type


If the resumes were sent as HTML files, it is possible they are innocuous.
Still, it probably would be better to have the sender resend them in a format

other than HTML. Your thoughts?





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The useful information is in the Attachment-Warning.txt attachment that has been
attached to his message, in replacement of the original file.

Read *all* of it.


On 19 Jun 2006, at 16:26, Kaplan, Andrew H. wrote:

Hi there -


One of users of our server received several e-mails indicating that a "Bad
Filename was Detected". The e-mails in question

were resumes that were sent to him from a recruiting company. The user has asked
if there is a way to determine if the

e-mails are truly suspect. 


What would be the best way to determine this? Thanks. 


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