Mailscanner and scalix on the same machine?

rob freeman rob at
Sun Jun 18 11:08:17 IST 2006

I run it here.  Had mailscanner working first and installed scalix.
Only issue I ran into was:


The install was easy, but it kept fighting my MailScanner install. To
get around this, I have to change the file to keep sendmail
from only listening on the local address of

Also have to remove any users in virrusertable.

Once done, I needed to run onsendin to reconfigure sendmail to send to
scalix. It restarts sendmail, so be sure to stop sendmail and then
chkconfig sendmail off to keep it from starting. Next, be sure to edit
the smtpd.cfg file at /var/opt/scalix/sys/smtpd.cfg. Add the line: 

SMTPFILTER=TRUE and save the file. Restart the scalix SMTP demon by:

omoff -d0 smtpd


omon smtpd


This was for CentOS 4, so depending on your OS, YMMV.  



From: Johnny Stork [mailto:stork at] 
Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2006 1:50 PM
To: mailscanner
Subject: Mailscanner and scalix on the same machine?


Has anyone had any experience running mailscanner and scalix on the same
machine? Any suggestions or pointers?


Johnny Stork
Open Enterprise Solutions


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