FW: Strange HI Load

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at gmail.com
Sat Jun 17 20:33:49 IST 2006

On 17/06/06, Thomas Chamtieh <tchamtieh at nayzak.com> wrote:
> Yes, after running `service MailScanner stop` a few time, all the
> MailScanner processes die. There's actually 2 CPUs, looks like for
> because they're multithreading. As I type this email, there are about
> 120 MailScanner processes running, the LA is about 74%. I'm going to try
> re-installing MailScanner tonight to see, maybe something went wrong
> with the install, although it reported no errors when I upgraded.

Ht.... Why don't you turn that off? Likely don't contribute anything positive;)
Further... "Load Average" is never a percentile... CPU usage might be
measured like that, but not load. Load is simply the run queue size
(total) + 1/process in state D. It is almost never a good indicator
*by itself*, nor contribute much information... at all.

Did you look at the "si/so" of the vmstat? what does it tell?
What MailScanner configs have you made concerning children etc?

-- Glenn
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