sendmail refuses to use /var/spool/

Gernot Bauer Gernot.Bauer at
Sat Jun 17 13:09:16 IST 2006


I have finally solved this problem. The reason is Novell's AppArmor, 
which has been introduced in SuSE 10.1. AppArmor limits the files and 
directories sendmail can read and write.

To get MailScanner running add the lines

   /var/run/   rwl,
   /var/spool/        rwl,
   /var/spool/*      rwl,

to these files:


rcapparmor reload

Finally start MailScanner.

Maybe it is a good idea to add this hint on the MailScanner 
Installation Guide page, or even include it in the SuSE MailScanner package.
I suppose that more people run into this when trying to install 
MailScanner on SuSE 10.1 or higher.


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