mail with a rar which have hundreds of files

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Sat Jun 17 08:28:15 IST 2006

On 6/17/06, Alex Neuman <alex at> wrote:
> BBB Kee escribió:
> >
> Use a ruleset.
> in MailScanner.conf
> Maximum Archive Depth =
> %rules-dir%/dumbclient-stillusing-dbf-inthis-century.rules
> in dumbclient-stillusing-dbf-inthis-century.rules:
> FromOrTo:      default      2      # The "actual" default
> From:   dumbcustomer at   and To:
> dbfreceiver at   0
> That should do it, right?

Thanks for your suggestion, but I found their recipient is not constant,
sometimes send to 2, sometimes send to 3 recipients, so I don't know how to
specify the ruleset at the To: field, one recipient one line right?
Moreover, by completely skipping scanning virus get me some
risk....especially the sender is at China...

It would be much better if the timeout is also descripting the the total
time of scanning of a archive....I think it should be one or two line of
code, isn't it? but just changing mime MS will make my future upgrade

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