duplication logging

Res res at ausics.net
Fri Jun 16 22:25:15 IST 2006

One thing that annoys me and I'm sure others on large systems is the 
amount of unneccesay logging, for ANY program..

Jun  17 06:59:39 venus3 MailScanner[16663]: New Batch: Found 409 messages 
Jun  17 06:59:39 venus3 MailScanner[16663]: New Batch: Scanning 32 
messages, 17285726 bytes
Jun  17 06:59:41 venus3 MailScanner[16663]: Virus and Content Scanning: 
Jun  17 06:59:54 venus3 MailScanner[16663]: Uninfected: Delivered 32 

Now... Virus and Content scanning starting, is another name for New Batch 
Scanning, I do think its overkill amnd completely (unless debugging) 
pointless, my question Jules is, is it really needed unless in debug mode?

Secondly Julian, can you point me in the direction of where 'die' is 
when it cant log to syslog, because thats real pet hate that MS dies
when it cant log to it for whatever reason and countless thousands of 
messages are in the queue to be done when we find it, most disgruntled 
customers who cant get mail for 6-10 hours waitihng for backlog to clear 


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