Strange load situation

Ugo Bellavance ugob at
Fri Jun 16 14:57:07 IST 2006

Steve Campbell wrote:
> Dennis,
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>> netzero publishes SPF records. So you could filter on that if you use
>> some form of SPF filter. Also have you tried greylistiing? Works well
>> for me.
> How did you implement the SPF filter? Is it configurable for just
> specific domains or all-or-nothing?

I used spfmilter a while ago.  I can't remember if it is configurable.

You an check here

There is something about a patch to allow recipient whitelisting in
access db.

> What do you use for greylisting also? I know of the milters for both
> from Snert, but are there others?

I use milter-greylist and it is great...  However, I am currently
running into some problems to make it work with milter-sender, but this
should be sorted quite fast.



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