Arthur Sherman arturs at
Thu Jun 15 23:08:07 IST 2006


Could someone please explain to me this:
# The rules created by the "sa-update" tool are searched for here.
# This directory contains the spamassassin/3.001001/updates_spamassassin_org
# directory structure beneath it.
# Only un-comment this setting once you have proved that the sa-update
# cron job has run successfully and has created a directory structure under
# the spamassassin directory within this one and has put some *.cf files in
# there. Otherwise it will ignore all your current rules!
# The default location may be /var/opt on Solaris systems.
SpamAssassin Local State Dir = # /var/lib

When I run sa-update, it produces no errors.

Where should sa-update create a directory structure?

Is it /etc/mail/spamassassin ?


Arthur Sherman


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