How to split messages per recipient with postfix.

Matt Hampton matt at
Thu Jun 15 19:57:35 IST 2006

Ken A wrote:
>> Thanks guys!
>> I was a bit wondering about the blurb in theMAQ... AFAICR, exim is
>> said to be able to do this, but the MAQ only detail Sendmail... and
>> (now) Postfix... I guess Martin (or someone) has a bit of typing to
>> do:-):-)

I have been politically correct and have moved the sendmail details
under the MTA tree.  I have also changed to wording so that it is
"documented" rather than "supported"

> Awesome!
> A bit of an MTA war is a good thing for documentation it seems!

Why do you think I stuck the sendmail stuff on the front page ;-)


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