Spamcop Auto-reporting Plugin

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Thu Jun 15 19:18:39 IST 2006

Ugo Bellavance wrote:
> Matt Kettler wrote:
>> Ugo Bellavance wrote:
>>> Hi Guys,
>>> 	I'm trying to activate the Spamcop auto-reporting feature in SA, but I
>>> didn't find any relevant documentation about it.  Here is what I found:
>>> I do have a spamop address for reporting, but where do we set the SA
>>> score at which I want to report?
>>> Anyone using this feature?
>> It is not an auto-reporting feature. It's a reporting feature.
>> This plugin is triggered when you use spamassassin --report.
> Ok, then has anyone intergrated (automated) the use of spamassassin
> --report with MailScanner?

No, and such things are generally discouraged because it's a bad idea.

SA had the feature to do auto-reporting to razor a long time ago, and it was
removed at the request of cloudmark. Cloudmark has an *explicit* ban on users
auto-reporting to razor based on the results of automated analysis tools like SA.

The problem being that SA scores alone are not that reliable of an indicator of
spam. If you autoreport to a system, be it spamcop, razor, etc, based on SA
score, that system effectively becomes the equivalent of spamassassin. It will
have all the same FPs, and all the same correct spam hits.

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