How to split messages per recipient with postfix.

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Thu Jun 15 12:28:33 IST 2006

Behold ye unbelievers:

Please do read through this, try it out, comment and flame away:-)

I finally had a few moments of time, and was anyway in the process of
setting up a new testbed ... A lot of you have simply not believed me
when I've said that this can easily be done with Postfix (well,
"easily" might be saying to much:-), so I thought I'd spend the extra
minutes on setting it up and testing it... and documenting it, as

So Pete (Russell), no need to look further than the above link:-)

BTW, Jules... This means I finally have a testbed worth its salt...
Add me to your beta-testers.

-- Glenn
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