sendmail refuses to use /var/spool/

Gernot Bauer Gernot.Bauer at
Tue Jun 13 22:51:43 IST 2006


I am trying to install MailScanner 4.54.6 on SuSE linux 10.1 with sendmail 8.13.6, but sendmail refuses to use the /var/spool/ queue directory. Sendmail works fine using /var/spool/mqueue, but any attempt to point the queue directory to another location (either with -OQueueDirectory or through the config file) fails:

k5DLFlrt015190: SYSERR(root): gatherq: cannot open "/var/spool/": Operation not permitted
daemon could not open control socket /var/run/sendmail/control: Operation not permitted

The directory permissions are all fine.

Could this be a sendmail bug?

The problem appeared when I tried to start MailScanner, after all packages installed nicely.

Gernot Bauer


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