force autolearn

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Tue Jun 13 18:24:10 IST 2006

Dave wrote:
> I've been hit with a dictionary attack for generic accounts like uucp,
> accounts, home, sales, etc. I have never used or plan to use these
> accounts. Right now I have a rule that adds 5 to the score if sent to
> those accounts but I would like to have them autolearned as well. From
> what I've read, custom rules are not used in the autolearn threshold
> count. Is that true?

That is not true. SA does not even know the difference between a "stock" rule or
a custom rule. As far as SA is concerned, a rule is a rule.

The things that don't count for autolearning are:
(quoted from man Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf under the definition of bayes_auto_learn)

     - rules with tflags set to 'learn' (the Bayesian rules)

     - rules with tflags set to 'userconf' (user white/black-listing rules, etc)

     - rules with tflags set to 'noautolearn'

So unless your custom rule includes a tflags statement that adds one of those
flags, it should work fine.

That said, I personally alias all these accounts into a single spamtrap account,
and a daily cronjob picks the mailbox up and force-feeds it to sa-learn.

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