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Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at
Tue Jun 13 14:20:40 IST 2006

Julian Field a écrit :
> Folks,
> Just a quick note to let you all know about a new useful page on 
> <>.
> There is an indexed list of every configuration option you can set, 
> including details about it such as whether it can take a ruleset, its 
> default value, a detailed description of its purpose, and so on.
> It is kept up to date completely automatically, every time I build a 
> new release.
> You can reach it from the "Documentation" link on (virtually) every page.


Yesterday I was looking for option header "X-Spam-Status: Yes"  nd 
couldn't remember how to use it.

I found it in 10 seconds with this new page!

Thanks a lot Julian!


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