Logo to the inline.sig.html

Koopmann, Jan-Peter Jan-Peter.Koopmann at seceidos.de
Tue Jun 13 06:02:53 IST 2006

On Dienstag, 13. Juni 2006 6:42 carinus.carelse at mrc.ac.za wrote:

> No Not really.  I just had a request from the management to add a
> logo to the signature and I thought the html sig was the best way to
> do it.  If anyone has any other suggestions I would welcome them.  

I suggest you tell your management that there is no clean way of simply attaching a HTML signature to a plain text mail. This might (!) display correctly on some MUAs but it usually will not. And this would definatly break your CI and make a lot of people laugh about you which probably is the last thing your management would like.

If management really wants to have images attached to your mails then force your MUAs to send HTML mails only and attach the signatures there. Depending on your infrastructure (Exchange? Notes?) there might be several tools that can autocreate the signatures for you (including information from your LDAP/Active Directory/whatever).

Attaching a signature in MailScanner might lead to problems (digital signatures with S/MIME, PGP) and is not the best way to handle this I am afraid.


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