Mailscanner + Spamassassin domain Preferences

Paul Tenfjord paul at
Mon Jun 12 21:40:04 IST 2006

Hi all.

I am setting up a  mail hub using postfix, mailscanner, clamav and 
spamassassing. This works very well, mailscanner is really great, the only 
thing left for me to do is figure out how to have user preferences (or domain 
settings, per user is not that important) in spamassassin. I've read about 
sql user preferences but that requires that SA uses spamc/spamd, which as far 
as I know MS does not do. I also found some posts in the archive but they are 
dated back to 2004 
maybe something has happend in this front since then.

I appreciate all answers.


Best regards

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