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Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Jun 12 14:55:43 IST 2006

I don't quite understand what you're getting at. However, if the  
message is clean it will attach inline.sig.html if it is already an  
HTML email and "Sign Clean Messages" is set to yes for these messages  
(Just set "Sign Clean Messages = yes" to do all mail).

If the message is originally just a plain text message then it will  
attach inline.sig.txt. It does not convert plain text messages to  
HTML just to add the signature, it leaves them in the form it found  

On 12 Jun 2006, at 14:26, carinus.carelse at mrc.ac.za wrote:

> I wonder if it would be possible to add the log to the  
> inlin.sig.html I have ftp'd the file off and inserted a picture but  
> I every time I send a mail through the system it does not attach  
> the signature it just send the email through blank.
> Can anone give me some advice as to what I am doing wrong.
> Carinus
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