content filtering with MailScanner 4.44 + postfix 2.1.5 on FC3

Michele Neylon :: michele at
Sat Jun 10 12:41:39 IST 2006

ankush grover wrote:
> hey friends,
> I am using MailScanner 4.44 with postfix 2.1.5 on FC3. I want to do
> some kind of content filtering

Why are you using such old versions of everything?

You really should upgrade

> a) Banning  receiving & sending attachments for some users for example
>       "ankush at" is not allowed to send or receive any
> attachments.

Read up on rulesets

> b) Banning receiving emails for some users from the all other domains
> except from
>    one domain  for example if there is any email for user
> "tom at" from
>    any other domain that mail should be dropped but this user should
> be able to
>    receive mail from the domain but not from anyother domain.

As above

> c) People are still sending mails to the accounts of the ex employees
> I want to
>    totally ban mails to those accounts both within the organisation and
> from
>    outside  means if the mail is for the user   "john at"  that
> mail
>    should get dropped.

That's not a MailScanner issue really. That's more of an MTA
configuration matter

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