Unofficial clamav phishing sigs

Richard Siddall richard.siddall at
Thu Jun 8 22:16:55 IST 2006

Ugo Bellavance wrote:
> 	Anyone tried these ones?
> Any false positives?
> I asked the clamav staff about their opinion and they said that they
> cannot give an opinion since they don't use it.

Yes.  Been using them for a couple of months.  We're using download
scripts based on the ones Phil Randal posted to this list (most recently
on 5/31).

We've had one known false positive.  I mailed the sendmail queue files
to Steve Basford and he fixed it within 24 hours.

I have noticed recently that some, or all, of the e-mails flagged by the
Sane Security signatures are disinfected.  Since MS quarantines them,
I'd much rather have them deleted and recovered from the quarantine if


	Richard Siddall

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