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Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Thu Jun 8 19:29:38 IST 2006

Arthur Sherman spake the following on 6/8/2006 3:33 AM:
>> But that's incorrect, isn't it?  Could you check the reasoning below?
>> o  Given:  This system is FC5 with sendmail 8.13.6. (MS 4.54.6).
>> o  MailScanner.conf has:
>>       MTA = sendmail
>>       Lock Type =
>> o  Therefore, according to the comments, this should result 
>> in "posix".
>> o  "posix" is, indeed, the desired and expected outcome for 
>> this system
>>    (isn't it?).
>> o  BUT "maillog" is reporting
>>       ... MailScanner[26259]: Using locktype = flock
>> The comments say I should end up with "posix".  Maillog says 
>> I'm getting
>> "flock".  So something somewhere (possibly including my 
>> understanding!) is
>> incorrect.
> As far as I remember, in older versions this was flock...
> It could be a mistype in conf - however, flock rulez.
It doesn't "rule" on v 8.13 sendmail!
It definitely "drools"! You will get inconsistent or missing queue files, and
maybe even the same message trying to be delivered over and over, and sendmail
will barf allover itself. In this case posix is the choice.


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