Mailscanner stopped, sendmail running...

Arthur Sherman arturs at
Thu Jun 8 16:15:45 IST 2006

> Yep, this is because the old faq-o-matic is gone... Probably went out
> the window when Jules updated to the new website.
> Unfortunately not all the relavant info has been moved to the wiki
> (much because it wasn't that easy to corroborate (to check if some
> details are correct, some because it contains a few gems and some crud
> that simply don't apply anymore... etc). Even more unfortunate is that
> we still have (especially in the MAQ) quite a few references to it.
> For some we already have equivalent docs in the wiki though (like DCC:
> ti_spam:spamassassin:plugins:dcc),
>  so it moght be just a need for a minor overhaul for these.
> Jules, Ugo ... we need to adress this.
> Will see what I can do.

Thank you.


Arthur Sherman


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