Archive Public Keys

Patrick Vande Walle patrick at
Thu Jun 8 11:50:40 IST 2006

Hello Julian,

I tried to implement the archiving of public keys, as explained here:

Not much success up at start. No keys got saved.
Apparently the two lines doing the job are commented out in

    # Find and save all the public keys (X.509 and PGP) in each message.
    #ExtractPublicKeys($message, $ent)
    #  if MailScanner::Config::Value('archivepublickeys', $message);

Once In uncommented the lines, it worked like a charm.

Further, when I ran upgrade_mailscanner_conf, it said:

Removed old: Public Key Archive Dir = /var/spool/MailScanner/keys
Removed old: Archive Public Keys = yes

... which is logical, since these two values do not appear un

This is with MS version 4.54.6

So the question is: is this feature meant to remain commented out ?

Thanks a lot,

Patrick Vande Walle

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