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Thu Jun 8 10:34:12 IST 2006

On 08/06/06, Arthur Sherman <arturs at> wrote:
> > Have you read the documentation on tuning?
> >
> >
> Most links to instructions are broken...
Yep, this is because the old faq-o-matic is gone... Probably went out
the window when Jules updated to the new website.
Unfortunately not all the relavant info has been moved to the wiki
(much because it wasn't that easy to corroborate (to check if some
details are correct, some because it contains a few gems and some crud
that simply don't apply anymore... etc). Even more unfortunate is that
we still have (especially in the MAQ) quite a few references to it.
For some we already have equivalent docs in the wiki though (like DCC:,
 so it moght be just a need for a minor overhaul for these.

Jules, Ugo ... we need to adress this.
Will see what I can do.

-- Glenn
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