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David Lee t.d.lee at durham.ac.uk
Wed Jun 7 16:52:24 IST 2006

Just done a fresh installation of Fedora Core 5, and installed MS (4.54.6)
onto it.  FC5 includes sendmail version 8.13.6 .

I'm leaving the MailScanner.conf 'Lock Type' blank.  (Correct?)  The
comment there says:
   # How to lock spool files.
   # Don't set this unless you *know* you need to.
   # For sendmail, it defaults to "posix".
   # For sendmail 8.12 and older, you will probably need to change it to flock,
   # particularly on Linux systems.
   # For Exim, it defaults to "posix".
   # No other type is implemented.
   Lock Type =

so I would expect it to use "posix".  (Correct?)

But watching /var/log/maillog I see:
   ... MailScanner[10490]: Using locktype = flock

Am I misunderstanding something, or is something, somewhere not defaulting


>From my years of using MS, I'm aware that the issue of "Lock Type" comes
up on this list from time to time, but what I've encountered seems

1. This machine is just about to enter service as a main SMTP submission
host that will be very busy, so we need to have the correct setting.

2. A very similar machine is being tested with Mailman and we've seen
some peculiar things happening when it used an MS.conf containing an
explicit 'Lock Type = posix' (its MS.conf had been rather too blindly
copied from an earlier machine).


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