Mailscanner stopped, sendmail running...

Arthur Sherman arturs at
Wed Jun 7 09:30:30 IST 2006

> It doesn't make sense to kill these, if these *were* children 
> handling a 
> connection. You only want to shutdown the queueing processes.

But I'd like to be notified that they still are and when they finished.

You see, this could sound minor, but I had a hell of hour trying to
understand why, or why, clamav-milter didn't work after successful
installation and sendmail restarted (to remind you, sendmail is controlled
by MailScanner, so basically, MailScanner restarted).

I documented to myself to check for existance of sendmail childs next time I
built a mailer, although it would be nice if MailScanner could hadnle such
things itself - would be neater...


Arthur Sherman


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