flock, posix comments in MailScanner.conf

Mark Nienberg gmane at tippingmar.com
Wed Jun 7 01:10:14 IST 2006

I think the comments in MailScanner.conf re flock/posix are wrong:

# How to lock spool files.
# Don't set this unless you *know* you need to.
# For sendmail, it defaults to "posix".
# For sendmail 8.12 and older, you will probably need to
# change it to flock, particularly on Linux systems.
# For Exim, it defaults to "posix".
# No other type is implemented.
Lock Type =

But on my fresh install on Fedora Core 5 I see in maillog:

Jun  6 17:01:06 tesla MailScanner[24648]: MailScanner E-Mail Virus 
Scanner version 4.54.6 starting...
Jun  6 17:01:06 tesla MailScanner[24648]: Read 746 hostnames from the 
phishing whitelist
Jun  6 17:01:06 tesla MailScanner[24648]: Using SpamAssassin results cache
Jun  6 17:01:06 tesla MailScanner[24648]: Connected to SpamAssassin 
cache database
Jun  6 17:01:07 tesla MailScanner[24648]: I have found clamavmodule 
scanners installed, and will use them all by default.
Jun  6 17:01:08 tesla MailScanner[24648]: Using locktype = flock

even though I am using sendmail.  It is v8.13 so I will set
Lock Type = posix manually.

Mark Nienberg

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