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Tue Jun 6 17:44:35 IST 2006


I really want to congratulate you all the MS team for your great job and
your new excellent web site. It loads faster and it's more user friendly (
my personal point of view )
Furthermore, I fixed a couple of nightmares with the list help, not to
mentioned the great tool MS itself is...


PS. Keep it free!! ( I already bought the book btw )

"In 1968 it took the computing-Power of 2 C-64 to fly a rocket to the moon. 

Now, it takes the Power of a Pentium 4 to run Windows XP... Something must
have gone wrong."

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Subject: MailScanner ANNOUNCE: New Web Site

I am please to announce the arrival of the new MailScanner website at

This has been professionally designed and I hope you will agree that  
it is a much-needed step up from my previous amateur effort which has  
done us less for the 6 years or so.

It is still a light design, and will hopefully load quickly. It loads  
in about 0.6 seconds from here :-)

Here's to wishing this site well on its way, and I look forward to  
see if it lasts as well as my amateur version!


P.S. All reports of broken links to me directly, not the mailing list  
Julian Field
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