MailScanner ANNOUNCE: New Web Site

Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions michele at
Tue Jun 6 11:02:01 IST 2006

Julian Field <> said on 06 June 2006 09:41:

> I am please to announce the arrival of the new MailScanner website at
> This has been professionally designed and I hope you will agree that
> it is a much-needed step up from my previous amateur effort which has
> done us less for the 6 years or so.  
> It is still a light design, and will hopefully load quickly. It loads
> in about 0.6 seconds from here :-) 
> Here's to wishing this site well on its way, and I look forward to
> see if it lasts as well as my amateur version! 
> Regards,
> Jules.

Nice, but why does the "contact us" link go straight to a mailto? One of my
pethates are "mailto" links hiding under "contact us" type links

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