Instructions for FreeBSD

Mike Jakubik mikej at
Mon Jun 5 19:17:33 IST 2006

DAve wrote:
> Mike Jakubik wrote:
>> DAve wrote:
>>> The issue it not whether your package works but whether your package 
>>> installs in the same manner as other FreeBSD software. I use non 
>>> FreeBSD installs all the time, you will find most FreeBSD admins 
>>> have no problem with non FreeBSD installs.
>> Having used FreeBSD since 2.x days, i would have to disagree with 
>> you. I dislike installing anything from source, as it usually creates 
>> a mess, and is harder to do maintenance on, things such as portaudit 
>> do not work, etc, etc...
> I can only go back to 3.1, still have a passle of 3.5 CDs though ;^) I 
> made the same argument from your side of the fence for quite a while, 
> then I had to maintain a RedHat machine and a Debian machine. My 
> attitude changed significantly. Packages/RPMs/Ports/whatever of any 
> flavor are the Devils right hand IMO. I am using them now on the 
> MailScanner servers only as a Disaster Recovery method. If I meet a 
> disaster, someone could manage a security upgrade during my funeral.
> I have servers that clients "need" PHP4, but another client "must 
> have" PHP5. Do you add a new web server for a single hosting account? 
> Add a third for the client who needs Apache 2.x? Turn away clients? 
> Ports will not let you install conflicts. Worse is when sales brings 
> in a new client with an existing site and all it's dependencies.
> Were it my own server, maybe I would agree with you, but having a NOC 
> filled with web servers running different OSs at different versions, I 
> prefer source. Granted source removes the ability to use the ports 
> tools, but it also removes their limitations.
> This would be a religious discussion I think.

Of course everyone uses what works for them, however you're presenting a 
specific situation in which you need to install conflicting software, 
this would create a problem for any packaging system. Although some 
ports support different versions of the same application, such as 
apache. However i don't see how that problem applies to MS.

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