SOLVED post-install spamassassin debug yields nothing

Ugo Bellavance ugob at
Mon Jun 5 18:06:32 IST 2006

Dan Carl wrote:
> Thanks for the help.
> In the post install wiki it shows only one dash.
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> Subject: Re: post-install spamassassin debug yields nothing
>> Dan Carl wrote:
>>> First of all I've been a happy Mailscanner user for several years now
> thanks
>>> for the great software.
>>> I started getting more spam so I decided to upgrade to:
>>> MailScanner Version Number = 4.54.6
>>> SpamAssassin version 3.1.2
>>> The upgrade seemed to go fine but now when I issue the command:
>>> spamassassin -D -lint -p /etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs.conf
>>> Nothing happens, I have to ctrl C to get back to a prompt.
>> It takes a --lint to do the diagnosis.  Without the double dash, SA
>> thinks it's  -l, which isn't a proper command, and leave you hung inside
>> SA.  Try again with double dash.  And IIRC, you don't need the -p switch
>> anymore, the symlink instlled by latest versions will find the proper
>> conf file.
>> spamassassin -D --lint

The wiki changes -- into '-' unless we use <code> </code> tags, so
please use <code> tags as much as possible.

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